Despite being among the most famous golf courses, the Zionsville Golf Course is expensive. Our charges factors in other amenities like clubhouse, children amusements, among others. Below is our fee structure which does not change with the season.


day walking riding
weekday €50 €66
Weekend and public holiday €76 €90


Other than that, we have a one-time fee of €2000 if you want to pop in anytime and play as many times as you may wish.

If you are a senior citizen, we value you here. Hence we have an irresistible package for you. With €40, you can play as many games as you want, as long as you are over 66 years old and you have a companion.

Children are not left behind in our generosity. With €20, your child can have a taste of golfing in the kid’s 9-hole golf course. There is usually a fierce competition in the kid’s center, so if you think your kid is a young professional, you can expect something at the end of the game.