Zionsville Annual Trophy

Since Zionsville Golf Course is a national golf club, we ensure that every summer we have an event, that’s inclusive of the whole family. This year we will have an all-inclusive event wherein all professionals will play together and fight over the prestigious Zionsville Annual Trophy and winner of the home appliances prize.

This event started in 2003 and it is earmarked by many world-renowned golfers mainly to gauge their art against other international players. To participate, you have to book before the end of August. The tournament will take place on the last week of September. The winner of the previous competition and the second and third runner up do not pay. This is to encourage as many people as possible to participate. So far, the record has remained intact in two years alone.

Alongside this tournament, there is also one for the young ones and the senior citizens. We normally start with the seniors, then the children and finally the main tournament. Many spectators come and a few media houses air this event live. It is the best place to get fans if you are an upcoming golf player.

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